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November 30, 2003


my weirdest political dream ever involved me going west in a covered wagon with my father in law and Hillary Clinton. I've not yet had a blogging dream.

Hey, I once had a Hillary dream too. I was working at a pizza restaurant at the time (for real), and in the dream, we got a pizza, and I was like, oh God, why did it have to be pizza...

Dreaming about blogging about Medicare is symbolic of a life filled with surreal hedgehogs and invisible giraffes. Or is it surreal homicide and invisible greatness? I always get those mixed up.

I only get nightmares where peope like my mother, my ex-husband, or my boss go, "Are you Angua on that inter-net gizmo?" It's not the same.

Dreams of blogging Medicare indicate that the current meme on the US poli-blogs is "we do not know enough about Medicare". Which is OK - a lot of us don't know enough about how socialized medicine works in Canada (the actual nuts and bolts), and we actually have it. It's not ha-ha funny, but I do think it's hmmmm funny, if that's any excuse.

A little food for thought for those who didn't eat enough last Thursday.*

According to a study conducted by Harvard and published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

Per capita overall administrative cost (as a percentage of overall costs) of health care:

US: 31% (US$1059)
Canada: 17% (US$307)

Overhead cost of American private health insurance: 11.7%

Overhead cost of Canadian provincial insurance plans: 1.3%

Overhead cost of Medicare: 3.6%

*Sorry for the lack of a link. I actuall read this in a paper-and-ink journal. How quaint, eh?

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