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November 29, 2003


Hilarious. But shouldn't the blogosphere be a tiny island, appropriately subdivided, on the planet Pornlustia?

Sure, remind us all of the real purpose of the Internet and everything.

Moe, can't talk, I'm too busy visiting Mandymoorefakenudia. But will be back soon.

Harley, I thought you were allowing yourself to get trolled re Wellstone. People find the oddest stuff exciting...

Trolled, rolled, and as you probably saw, mighty peeved. But there's nothing like a trip to Kournikovanudelabia to get the kinks out.

You are ON THE MAP.

Moe, you've managed to give two posts the exact same title in the HTML coding ("") . When I try to click on the post about the Democratic opposition, I get routed here instead. I'm also getting a "404" when I try to go to the comments in the "Posting Rules" thread.

OK, maybe the Earth just shifted on its axis or something, because both of those problems have now disappeared.

In the words of the great Emily Litella... "Never mind."

I hope one of the blog-owners is going to delete this and the other spates of comment spam being shotgunned on this blog this afternoon. This one is, of course, particularly noxious.

I'd strongly suggest closing comments on all threads after some set number of days (20,30, whatever), by the way.

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