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November 30, 2003


S'okay, Moe. I have cats. I don't need no cat-blogging to get my necessary catfix.

I demand Affirmative Action on behalf of Dogs!

No Justice No Peace! You are Dog-ists! Canine-ophobes!

Jeeze, conservatives just can't pull this off.

I am currently pet-less because of the rules in my apartment. My family has two cats, one of whom got her name because of the Iran-Contra scandal; she's 17 years old and very sweet but she drools. The other one does not drool, but is not as nice. My husband's family has the cutest little Siamese cat EVER but I don't have a digital camera or a scanner and I think photos are kind of needed for good catblogging.

My family had three cats named Pickles because that was my sisters' favorite food. Pickles II survived a 21 story fall from a New York City apartment without a scratch.

I don't like dogs, so there.

Twilightcafe has a link to the ultimate in vicarious kittens.

I don't like dogs, so there.

Katherine. Did you stomp your foot as you said that?

I figured that either von or Katherine would have one, but they've had two weeks to blog about them, and they haven't, so I figure that they don't have any.

Great, I've been outed: I've got two cats, Sambuka* and Kasmir. They were part of a package deal with my wife.

Well, there's one in every bunch.


*Named, I should note, well after college and therefore well after it was socially appropriate to name pets after drinks.

Thank you

I love cats and dogs. Both my cats who are now 1 year old were rescued from a box in someonone's yard, Stupid people!! I rescued them at 3 weeks old. They barely had their eyes open. They were full of fleas and fortunately could eat kitty formula and canned food. They are now beautiful grey and white. I'm so glad I was able to rescue them but I really can't afford to keep them. NO, I won't leave them anywhere. They sleep with me along with my 2 rescued dogs. One is a Corkie, Cairn and Yorkie, the other is a Borkie, Boston Terrier and Yorkie. The will sleep so sweetly with the kitties. I believe there is an intrinsic value to all life. My Borkie was rescued from a puppy mill and she is so cuddly. Now that the weather is warm the cats like roaming around with their collars and tags. I see many cats wandering around and they have owners but the owners fail to put a collar with their information on it. I think that is like a sign "HERE'S MY CAT, TAKE HIM AWAY FOR ME" My opinions about animals are very strong and I tend to step on peoples toes especially when they say they want their female cat to have a little of kittens because they are so cute. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!!!! According to the Humane Society of the United States for each person in this country there are 43 homeless cats. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER THESE BABIES!!!! Would you like to have some stranger impregnate you and have a baby just because it is cute???? We need to be petcare responsible. I'm ecstatic that there are people who work for the rescue services and adopt out the pets. I owned my own personal dog rescue. It was so rewarding to see them warm up, become friendly and go to nice homes. Kudos to you who have adopted!!!!!!!! If you want someone to care for your kittie I will be so happy to speak to you.

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