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November 13, 2003


Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are still worse I think...we should try to deal with them first....rather than this you know how much money we send to that hellhole pakistan...?

If you and Wellstone agree, I'm inclined to go with that too. But I know very little about Uzbekistan.

Bribing suicide bombers is definitely sponsorship of terrorism but there are other countries that sponsor it much, much more actively than Iraq was, & anti-U.S., al Qaeda terrorism is the kind we need to worry most about.

Pakistan has the bomb, so regime change their is simply out of the question. It is the country I worry most about. Does Bush have a contigency plan to do everything in our power from preventing Pakistan's nuclear weapons from falling into Islamists' hands? (Contigency plans, codes that only Musharraf & people we trust know, etc.) This is the sort of thing that would never be public and you have to take on faith that your leaders have done. I have close to no faith in these guys; my biggest problem is not the eagerness for military solutions but the utter neglect of non-military solutions.

Regime change there. Blog comments and IM are even worse for my grammar than email and spellcheck.

That's almost possibly the most sensible thing I've read on Uzbekistan... but when would this deal on 'future' aid start? British Foreign Office sources over here in the UK report that the regime sometimes boils people alive.

Aid packages are sort of 'reverse sanctions', and possibly a better way of dealing with things like this, so your idea's a good one.

But certainly just giving them money without acknowledging they are killing and torturing their citizens musn't remain the status quo.

Katherine, I suggest you look into who is currently guarding the Paki nukes in order to rest your weary heart.

On Uzbekistan, Central Asia (and of course its oil) is going to be an interesting geopolitical intersection with Iran, India, Russia, China, Old Europe, Britain, Pakistan and the US all competing in the region. Don't expect any change in US policy on Uzbekistan in the near term.

Wouldn't the personnel and equipment we have in nasty-but-stable Uzbekistan be better used in Afghanistan, a nation we have a commitment to rebuild and limited resources to do so? I'm all in favor of carrot-and-sticking* the Uzbek leaders into better behavior, but the function of a base in Uzbekistan was to support operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those operations need the resources more.

*New verb alert!

I think the main reason we are keeping our base in Uzbekistan is to keep the current regime in place and prevent an Islamic revolution. This place is right on the border with Afghanistan, and until the Taliban are finished we won't be leaving. We don't want them to be able to set up shop north of the border.

Besides with Putins recent manuvering in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine I have a feeling he will be looking east to the oil as well.

>> "do you know how much money we send to that hellhole pakistan...?"

Not much when compared to all the services provided by the Pakistani army including weaponry, troops, land and air bases during "Operation Freedom, Afghanistan". Also, no matter how much of a hell hole you think Pakistan is, atleast it isn't responsible for the most deaths in the world every year since World War II. Look towards one's self and what your own administration does in your name before baseless criticism on others.

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