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November 26, 2003


Believe it or not, and despite her motivations, Clinton is actually one of the hardest working Senators New York, or any state, has ever had. She's attentive, effective, and humble in her role.

In other words, she's doing her job and she's good at it. I wish I could say the same for more of her colleagues.

Kudo's to the Senator. May she remain safe. I was just thinking Moe as you said, what does it say about the Democratic party and Hillary that in only a decade, she seems to have gone from the looney end of the party to one of its more reasonable voices?

BTW Edward, the concept of a "hardworking Senator" is wonderfully funny.

HRC has logged some serious hours on the Armed Forces/Veterans circuit since at least 2001.

I wish her a safe and productive trip.

Best wishes for a happy Thanks giving to all here.*

*Moe, is von still having a problem in figuring out how to bill his time here? I keep looking for a post from him.

I used it compartively spc67.

Would have made the last a longer post, but that would have entailed some sort of speculation on motivating factors, and, well, why spoil the nice sentiment?

Heck, Senator Clinton voted for the war and to fund the war. I mean, I cain't say that I'm a big fan of hers in general, but she's definitely right on this issue, and, dare I say, deserves to spend some time with the troops she supported.

Hope she has a good trip; hope y'all have a good Thanksgiving too.

I used it compartively spc67.

Of course you did. But it's not funny if I read it that way. :)

Happy Turkey Day all. Count your blessings. Sounds like we all have many to be grateful for. I know I do.

*Moe, is von still having a problem in figuring out how to bill his time here? I keep looking for a post from him.

Nahh, I just had a hellish couple weeks. I'm resuming my posting pronto.


Hope she has a good trip and learns things.

I have never been a fan of HRC, but have to say that she seems to have settled into the job. I suspect that moving from the role of loyal supporter for He Whom We Would Like to Just Put Behind Us (but not too close) has been good for her. I would hope that, if she continues to develop into a decent Senator, she will resist some of the pressures of the DNC. No partisanship there (I am, after all, a registered independent), I just think that powerful Senators tend to exert more longterm influence on the direction our country takes than most presidential candidates - especially unsuccessful ones. ;-).

I don't think it's a question of making snap assumptions. I believe there are many good reasons to be very skeptical about the legitimacy of Senator Clinton's public persona, which seemingly is a work in progress, being created before the eyes of her constituents.
It's really not my business because she does't represent me, but I am gullible enough to say that this looks entirely real, believable and admirable. It is very much to her credit if that is so and this is not some elaborate publicity stunt. I hope that's true, but please remember that she is as much a protege' of Chuck Schurmer as Pat Moynihan, if not more so.

W's gone to Baghdad!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving.

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