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November 27, 2003


I am thankful for my country, my culture and my people

WTF?`Who, exactly are "your people"? I get real antsy when talk turns to "MY PEOPLE".

"WTF?`Who, exactly are "your people"?"

Amorphous. Non-Americans who stand with my country. Non-Westerners who offer opportunities to teach us, and to learn what we have to teach. All men and women of good will. It's a quite large group, actually.

"I get real antsy when talk turns to "MY PEOPLE"."

A pity.

Of course, even if Moe had meant merely 'Americans' by 'my people' saying he's thankful for them doesn't mean he's not thankful for others.

It's like an awards speech. You can't thank everyone. And there are some you wouldn't want to thank.

I'm thankful for Moe's country. It's done a lot of good. I'm thankful for Moe's culture, if he means the essentially US-culture. Not for the fast food, the ridiculous phrases and spellings and Hollywood blockbusters, but for the rock and roll and jazz and blues and Fred Astaire films and Harrison Ford films and Uma Thurman.

And I'm thankful for Moe's people, be they Americans or people who work for good in general. The vast majority of Americans I've met have been among the friendliest, most charming and readiest to help of all the people I've met. As for people of goodwill - we can use as many of those as we can get. From any corner of the globe (has anyone ever been struck by how that phrase is a contradiction in terms?).

I am thankful for all people who don't want to kill me. The vast majority of Americans included. How's that?

It's good. The vast majority of me doesn't want to kill you either, angua. Although there's a tiny bit somewhere that says "Yeah, but what if we're dealing with a psycho? Better safe than sorry."

Ah, you've been reading my blog!

But, yes, the vast majority of Brits don't want to kill me either, and I appreciate them for it. Plus the invention of clotted cream and Earl Grey tea. And Terry Pratchett.

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