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November 19, 2003


I absolutely love good, serious reporting. But, on the other hand, I don't mind a cynical chuckle, either - and there are a lot more of those to be had from reading the papers.

I especially like the first cite. Para 1 references, "A large body of protesters..." in a "....confrontation with police." With but a short, intervening paragraph describing a third grade science experiment with water, this "....large body of protesters..." is transformed into a "...group of around 100 protesters..." which "...ran up The Mall..." and "...sat down...". With regard to the "...confrontation with police...", the reporter explains that "There were no visible signs of violence..." (Sigh.) They just don't make confrontations like they USED to. Why, back in my day... (Aged, quavering voice trails off as graying, long haired cynic remembers burning ROTC buildings, clouds of tear gas and rubber bullets.)

I don't think they make reporters like they used to, either.

Puppets dammit, I want puppets! Maybe they need inspiration...I know, let's buy Edward from Tacitus a ticket. He'll get those folks motivated!

Are there really people who would base their voting decisions on how insane the extremists on one side are?

Actually, I guess there probably are. I know of at least one graduate of an elite private college whose presidential vote in 1988 was determined by which candidate he'd be more comfortable sharing a beer with, so my hypothetical anti-extremist voters are at least ahead of him.

I went on the Feb. anti-war march in the UK, but didn't go today because things are getting a little into insulting Bush and bordering on anti-Americanism at times. One guy was using a megaphone during your national anthem on Wednesday, and there were people burning your flag. Not respectful.

A very few, admittedly; and the broad majority of those here who think that the Iraq war didn't do any good for the terror situation, and wasn't conceived for the reasons we were told, are not anti-American.

Yet when I found out the organisers were going to topple that statue in Trafalgar Sq, I thought I didn't really want to be associated with that. Glenn Reynolds is wrong about the size of the turnout, and he also fails to understand that it's a weekday - and the biggest weekday protest turnout in UK history.

I don't agree with many of Bush's policies, but I don't think that equating Bush as a person with his policies, or Bush's policies with America, as some people are doing over here, is right, or doing the anti-war movement any favours. And insulting people, as some are doing to Bush, just makes it look as though you don't have enough points with which to fill your argument.

Bravo Mr. Casey.

The simple explanation to this is that the nutty-left split its resources. How are they supposed to protest in England against Bush and in Miami against globalization?

Divide and conquer

To give credit where it is due, it sounds like the protesters got their hundred thousand.

I like my crow baked.

spc67, it was about the only bright spot of the day, really. You'll get plenty on giant puppets, never you fear - just not this evening.

I don't know about you all, but I have never burned a flag, and see no reason to do so. Nevertheless, the day that flag burning becomes illegal, I will burn a flag in protest.

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