hilzoy is a philosophy professor who specializes in ethics. When she is not thinking deep thoughts, she likes to play guitar, read novels, listen to music, and wander around looking for birds. Her friends are grateful to Obsidian Wings for giving her another outlet for her political opinions.
Some call her the space cowboy; some call her the gangster of love.

Publius is a law professor in the so-far, so-good state of Texas. In past lives, he blogged at Legal Fiction and was a lawyer in DC. He likes to eat things with hot sauce on them.

Eric Martin is a practicing attorney, although one day he hopes to get it right. He operates out of NYC, but his reach is global. He is the first multinational, corporate conglomerate blogger. He will crush you. He blogs, or has blogged, at American Footprints, Newshoggers, Road to Surfdom and Total Information Awareness. He has commitment issues. Like publius he enjoys hot sauce. Unlike publius, he has taste in music.

The entity we today call 'Sebastian H' was unearthed in the late 19th century by a digging team in the west Pennsylvania mining country, where he had lain dormant for millenia. Only the most scant records remain regarding his ancient origin; they indicate that he was closely associated with a group of beings known as 'The Old Gods' or 'The Deep Ones', and that his resurgence was foretold long ago as a time of peril, bloodshed, and volleyball. It is written that those who utter his secret, true name are either gifted with eternal life or driven to dark madness. Shortly after his unearthing, Sebastian joined a band of superheroes known as the Obsidian Locutors, and now spends a majority of his time baking carrot cake and making sweaters for his cat Frisky.
~~Some call him the taste sensation we can all enjoy; an experimental software program; the "2ND Coming"; the owner of The Pet Set, a chic Palo Alto grooming salon; a splendid duck-billed platypus; Albus Dumbledore; not the famous WNBA star, Chamique Holdsclaw; and Likely Successor to Clarence Thomas


And, out there, somewhere...

Katherine is a twentysomething law student & former reporter, who lives in the Boston area. She is very bad at writing about herself in the third person, so that's all you get.
Some call her Katherine Regina.

Edward_ is a gallerist/corporate cog living in a tiny Manhattan apartment. With one job in New Jersey and the other in Brooklyn, he crosses some river or other on an average of four times each day. An internationalist, he's lived in England, Portugal, France, and Italy, and plans to buy a home with his Muslim partner in Istanbul, if possible, some day. A progressive liberal with a general disdain for excessive materialism for its own sake, he's addicted to contemporary art, Irish and French writers, and bad Hollywood blockbusters, and has been known to enjoy a cocktail or two at the end of his usually very long days.
Some call him Edward Underscore.

Von is an attorney in the midwest. When not working, von provides ill-informed tirades on domestic and international policy, drinks, watches television, drinks some more, and maybe has something to eat. Should you discover von's (unexciting) secret identity, von trusts you to understand that the views expressed here are his and not his firm's.
Some call him The Grammar God


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