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February 09, 2018


The 51st way to leave your lover:


Awwwwwwww .....

You see Mr Pittman near a school, you know what to do:


via eschaton

Mueller indicts 13 Russians.


Pittman.... we don't always send our best and brightest to Raleigh.

"Post election the conspirators organized rallies for and against Trump on the same day in NYC"

It was all about making us have this discussion constantly

Well, it was about sowing division over Trump. I don't think it was about us talking about how they managed to do it. That was supposed to be unseen.

I've listened to the first 3 episodes of Jay & Miles X-Splain the X-Men and, how do those people find the time!

It was all about making us have this discussion constantly

which discussion was that?

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