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October 05, 2017


Haven't been to Redstate in months and months, But if I want a heads-up on mass killing, it's the go-to joint:


"should be noted that guns aren't the only way to kill deer."

Swimming pools?

Swimming pools?

if you have one handy.

i prefer a 12' aluminum step ladder with an integrated laser sight.

Jemele Martin for President of the National Swimming Pool Association.

The entire huckabee family are dangerous fascists infesting America:


I'm sure their towels are beautiful and soft.

As are my cookies when I toss them all over Puerto Ricans.

If republicans, with the vast legal tools they have at their disposal, are not going to do anything about our national emergency, then maybe it's time to start hoping for a military coup in this country.


That would be Jemele HILL for President of .......... the United States

works for me

added a link to Janie's mention of the name of Floyd East, Jr. While it shouldn't have been a surprise, articles and obituaries about police officers are different than the ones for the LV victims.

btw, the Count and Janie have listed 12 people in the comments, just a shade over 20% of the victims. No word on deaths by swimming pools.

I really hate it when a swimming pool massacres scores of people from the 32nd floor of a Vegas hotel.

It's clear that the problem in Vegas was that the concert was a 'pool-free' zone, also, too.

I've been in Vegas thrice. Swimming pools all over the place, even on rooftops.

If there was anyone who drowned in a swimming pool in Vegas at the same time the 58 were being gunned down and the other 500 scragged, I think it's only fair to include their names.

Rumor has it that a guy in Reno fell of a step ladder and fell neck first on to his Sawzall, which he left running near his three children under the age of seven.

The National Sawzall Association and the Step Ladder Ladies Council of the Confederacy held a joint press conference and pointed out that at the very least their implements were NOT used for what they were invented and designed to accomplish in this incident, to climb, and cut through anything but human flesh, respectively, unlike the weapons employed in the Vegas shootings, even though in the latter case wildlife and humans since circa 1364 everywhere would testify differently.

The NRA pointed out that an enterprising member once leaned his Kalashnikov against a tree and climbed it to escape two liberals dressed as a grizzly and another guy in a dumb hat said he once threw his Sawzall at his wife while his girlfriend cowered behind the divan, so whatta bout that, hunh?

Then everyone went down to the Holiday Inn and did cannonballs into the pool off the diving board without incident 'cept fer tequila poisoning.

Not sure where exactly to put this, but


Ted Miller, a researcher with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation based in Maryland, is estimating the Las Vegas incident will cost at least $600 million, when accounting for medical care, mental health, loss of earnings, emergency transport, work by police and first-responders, employer costs and lost quality of life for victims and their loved ones.


Miller says the average cost of per gun death for Las Vegas will be in the neighbourhood of $7.6 million.

and not least of all

A study from John Hopkins School of Medicine published in the journal Health Affairs found the total cost in hospital charges for the more 100,000 people shot every year in the U.S. was$2.8-billion. On average, those treated in emergency departments for gunshot wounds received $5,254 in charges, but if they stayed in hospital overnight, charges rose to $95,887 on average.

I hope someone can calculate the cost of swimming pool injuries so we can have a comparison...


not quite the same stats, but...

The Centers for Disease Control report that here in the United States, on average, 3,536 people died from drowning annually from 2005 to 2014, which equates to 10 deaths each day. Then there are the thousands of others who suffer swimming pool-related injuries each year.

In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that an average of 4,900 people received emergency care for injuries suffered in a swimming pools or spas each year in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


  • More than 50 percent of drowning victims treated at an emergency room required to be either hospitalized or transferred to another facility for further care.
  • Non-fatal drowning injuries can cause severe brain damage that could result in long-term health issues including memory and learning problems.
  • Medical costs for near-drowning victims 14 and younger can cost more than $8,000 for initial hospital treatment, and those costs could soar to more than $250,000 each year if long-term care is needed.
  • If the drowning-related injury results in brain damage, the overall cost of medical treatment, and work and quality of life losses could cost as much as $5.5 million.

i added a comment with some swimming pool stats, but it seems to have been spam-trapped.

I probably shouldn't mention this, because it's highly classified, but covert operations are underway to build swimming pools in remaining ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq. This will probably be the end for them.

tax cuts on the way, so it's all good

fly free little comment!

Stats aside, I have a really hard time working on my backstroke in an AR-15.

No one, anywhere in the world, died in a thermonuclear bomb explosion last year.

They are safer than bed sheets.

More Russians expired from vodka poisoning while handling nuclear weapons than dropping the things while shitfaced caused harm to anyone else.

Given that record, clearly, we need ten times more nuclear warheads.

Nancy Pelosi, to regain the white working vote, should counter propose a fifty-fold increase in American nuclear warheads.

Some of those bombs, arranged on mobile platforms, could be targeted at swimming pools across the country as a drowning deterrent, perhaps concealed in cabanas and operated by highly trained, untrained pool boys, selected from among the current useless foreign diplomatic corps, who are now twiddling their thumbs at the State Department engaging in that diplomacy malarkey.

To prevent the expense from widening the fucking budget deficit, Pelosi should propose tax cuts at the federal level so deep that rump enterprises, rather than paying ANY taxes, would be cut a billion dollar check by the IRS, now renamed rump ATM, at 2:00 pm every day of the year, to be deposited in offshore bank accounts.

Make my day, swimmers.

Kelsey Meadows

Flash mobs now:


I believe these gatherings were called Grossaktion Warschau in the Warsaw Ghetto near the end.

I do think it's so nice of our American republican Nazis to dress as they do, slacks, v-necked sweaters, loafers, though they seem a little heavy in them.

And they smile like realtors. So polite and helpful. Good people on that side.


Just kind of blending into the general background pig shit that is America in 2017.

We'll get use to them.

I love the sounds of trains in the distance.

"I love the sounds of trains in the distance."

The wailing of the train horn...that is a horn, isn't it?

All aboard!


nuclear warheads, warrior knuckleheads, same/same.

I say we turn the world over to the McArthur fellows.

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