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March 12, 2017


Along the lines of tolerance, bubbles, etc.

I am a (recovering?) anti-religious bigot, maliciously attributing religious views to right wing nuts. I have mostly changed my mind (or at least toned it down) due to, surprisingly, the internet. I am pretty sure it was reading Donald that helped me out there.

So thanks, Donald. I hope you stick around.

You make a good point, wj. It looks like much or the US loss of restraint was simply due to the end of the (old) cold war, when it became possible to throw ones weight around without risking armageddon.

Then again:

I agree with lj about Chomsky, I don't read him. In general I have an attitude toward anarchists, Graeber for instance, that sees them in practice as elitists and authoritarian, and projecting that onto their Marxian opposition.

Anyway, just dropped in to drop a hopefully pertinent quote from current reading, something I do to excess. From James Elkins, Theorizing Visual Studies, article by Vivian Li about Song Dong's performance art in Tiananmen Square, she quotes Rosalyn Deutsche from her book Evictions (whew)

“Democracy and its corollary, public space,” she argues, “are brought into existence when
the idea that the social is founded on a substantial basis, a positivity, is abandoned”

The question remains as to whether a group wants to create a democratic or public space or a closed but nurturing and supportive community. And whether I want to intrude.

all i gotta say is that if chomsky's getting some visibility, I guess we're not totally in the crapper quite yet.

not that i'm any kind of chomsky-ite, i'm just saying.

I've read similar things by Chomsky, LJ. What exactly was supposed to shock me there? Chomsky wasn't running for President. In general he takes the view that ordinary people are not to be blamed for not knowing about the ugliness of our foreign policy. Personally I am not sure. You'd have to almost be omniscient to know what individual people should or should not have known.

He has been criticized for that bit. I am failing to understand how it invalidates his claims about how the MSM functions because it doesn't. If you want to get into his personality, he is a lot like Greenwald. Very argumentative. Obviously he thinks people are misled by the press, so if you read him you become one of the enlightened ones. So what? I remember the thrill I got reading him for the first time-- that's just natural.

This is why I almost always avoid mentioning him. He doesn't have a copyright on the notion that the MSM is full of crap and the basic idea is pretty easy to understand. There are a zillion people online saying the same things. But mention him and the conversation always becomes about his flaws and not the idea of a dishonest media establishment. With the internet people don't have to read Chomsky books to get an alternative view. I think it has been 15 years since I bought a political Chomsky book.

Yama-- thanks. I will almost certainly pop up now and then, but I really need to do things more useful than argue with people online.

Russell, that Unitarian jihadism is some scary sh@@. They have nothing on the Episcopalians though. You never know where we are coming from.

Wj, 'brown' is not necessarily the operative word here, but I do maintain that it helps with dehumanizing the victims alongside cultural and ideological stereotypes.

Lj, as Donald pointed out, Chomsky is an intellectual, Clinton was running for prez

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