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February 12, 2017



The thing with Flynn, from what little I know, is that he was actually a freaking kick-ass hands-on intelligence officer. But utterly lacking in either temperament or personal skill set for an executive or administrative role.

It is, IMO, in many ways a shame that he's going to end his career this way.

... a freaking kick-ass hands-on intelligence officer ...

Way back in the last millennium, when Doonesbury was in its 1st or 2nd year, it had a story line in which B.D., the star quarterback, fired by patriotism over the Vietnam war, enlists in ROTC. In one particular strip, we are at the ROTC boot camp. The company commander is talking to his subordinate; in the background, the trainees are stabbing at hanging sandbags with their bayonets.

PANEL 1: (background as above)
The commander says "Sergeant, the new recruits are about what we expected. Uninspired, but willing to do as they're told."

PANEL 2: (similar background)
Commander and sargeant silent.

PANEL 3: (similar background)
Commander says, "But sergeant, this man worries me."

B.D. is stomping on a fallen sandbag and plunging his bayonet into it, yelling "Aiee!! Kill! KILL!!"

Maybe this snippet from my dusty attic of a memory has something to do with soldiers like Flynn, and maybe it doesn't.



Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

GEN McAffrey was on my local radio talking about Flynn. McAffrey said Flynn was the best intel officer he ever knew, but his behavior since being fired was of someone looking for revenge. The 'lock her up' chants were unprecedented for a military officer.

He also said that now Flynn is a private citizen with no executive privilege once again, and feeling slighted, he may talk. And his 'scape goat' comment might show he is ready to defend himself.

B.D. is stomping on a fallen sandbag and plunging his bayonet into it, yelling "Aiee!! Kill! KILL!!"

Echoing Alice's Restaurant, minus the four part harmony. :-)

Oh wait, it was five-part harmony.....

Is war about to,break out between the Trump deadenders and the Republican 'establishment' ?

War has been going on for quite a while. It's just starting to run up the body count.

"Paul said that Republicans will "never even get started" with major policy changes like repealing Obamacare if they are focused on investigating their colleagues."

No sh*t. I think most of us got there ahead of him.

This answers McTX's challenge a few days ago regarding whether republicans are just like trump.

Yes, they are. At the very least symbiotic. Like two serial killers in one city who think it's fun to copy cat, just for the fun of it.


Not that McTx is either trump or a republican.

With 8x10 glossy pictures.....

Secret Service Director Clancy has decided to retire.

Over to you, Count!

Meanwhile, Russia has an intel ship trawling off the coast of DE, they're deploying cruise missiles in violation of treaty obligations, American ships in the Bosphorus report unwelcome approaches from Russian aircraft, and Putin has responded to Trump's call for the Crimea to be returned to the Ukraine with a yawn.

I guess we showed them!

A clue to world leaders, most notably our own: Putin doesn't have friends. If you think you're making a deal with him, but you can't figure out who's getting screwed, it's you.

It's about time for a candid disclosure of Trump's financial position. It'd be good for us to know who owns him, and how much. And yes, that word is "owns" not "owes", it wasn't a typo.

This could actually be as bad as it smells. Which would be a truly and profoundly bad thing, for all of us.

Nothing to see here.

Really, this isn't an issue? WTF?

russell, what did you intend your last link to be? It goes to Associated Press map of the US listing all regional papers in all states - am I missing something?

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