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January 03, 2017


Those all sound like lovely things to focus on. Looking forward to it.

As for the roses, make sure the vase doesn't have any lead, trim the bottom of the rose stems when you put them in the water and use the little packet that comes with the roses. When the water gets grungy, swap it out with fresh water and a fresh packet.
I only wish the rest of the problems were as easy to solve!
I try to avoid the news, and definitely avoid the Donald's tweets. That's one way to avoid the stomach problems. :(

I was at a New Year's party at the home of friends. I had a moment (which I at least partly blame on my being the most sober adult in the room because of driving duty) during the midnight revelry where I was on the outside looking in on a happy moment being enjoyed by people unaware of the impending doom only I was anticipating.

Think of watching a zombie flick where you, the viewer, know that some of the first undead are about to burst through the front door of a house in which an oblivious group of family and friends are joyfully singing "Happy Birthday" to a young child.

I don't necessarily expect the apocalypse or a full descent into a fascist police state, but I'm considering such possibilities enough to have such moments.

I really like that vase.

Well, I spent New year in a caravan without hearing, in the car park of a ferry terminal, since we needed to get our car and van back to the UK before the car insurance ran out, despite currently living in Germany. My job for next week is now figuring out how to register with the Finanzamt to start paying German tax. Talk about people fleeing Britain into the EU while they still can, that's what we're up to at the moment.

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