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June 29, 2014


I think that Analog has really fallen down on editing; and your complaints about Torgersen are things that a proofreader SHOULD have found and fixed.

But they do run 'em through spellcheck. You can tell by the "valid but wrong word" errors.

Copy editing appears to be a dying profession; I commonly see awful howlers in newspapers and magazines and media Web sites.

However, he has also said that he wants to make literati heads explode! Let's see, shall we -- will it be my literata head that explodes, or my leftist one?

So long as it's not your literal head.

And I mean that. Literally.

If you have a preference between Torgersen and Day you should list them in preference order after No Award. Otherwise your ballot will be treated as if you'd had Torgersen and Day tied at #5.

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