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January 03, 2014


If there is anything I hate, it's when my donkey meat is tainted with the flesh of the fox.

What would the fox say? joff tchoff tchoff tchoff tchoff!

There's a restaurant in Denver that may start serving python tacos.

But it could be mule meat for all the FDA knows, and under sequestration, the mule tasters have been laid off.

This reminds me of the time when I was young and full of sh*t and I dined at a French Restaurant and ordered Escallops de Veau de Marie Antoinette and after a couple of bites I summoned the waitress and declared that it tasted like chicken and she asked me with some impatient heat, it seemed, what I THOUGHT I was getting and I said scallops and she said well, it's veal, and turned on her heel and marched off with her back shouting "you peasant!" at me.

So I understand Wal Mart's problem here.

I suppose it's like the Chinese restaurant in the strip mall here in the States that serves the sweet and sour dog but on desperate nights substitutes cat to the surprise of their suburban diners who thought it was pigeon all along.

I blame Nixon.

Or maybe it's like the North Korean restaurant in which the dogs do the dining and Bob was once your uncle:

I spent a great deal of my youth in the seafood industry. Quite an eye opener, that was. Supplier management could get a bit exiting. Lotta peasants as well.

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