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November 20, 2008


"Bush's gross negligence in confronting this issue might be the most damning of his long list of failures."

It may be the most consequential, but it is hard to put gross negligence above the actual calls for torture (in the categroy of Most Damning).

Some of these details on Waxman, from Harold Meyerson, are pretty awesome:

In the midst of the Reagan era's cutbacks, Waxman expanded the number of working poor eligible for Medicaid a stunning 24 times.

For virtually the entire 1980s, Waxman blocked Dingell and the Reagan administration from weakening auto emission standards. At one point, he blocked a key vote on a bill to debilitate the Clean Air Act by introducing 600 amendments, which he had wheeled into the room in shopping carts.

He publicized an obscure EPA report that established secondhand smoke as a carcinogen, uncovered the onetime Philip Morris lab director who had determined that nicotine was addictive, and publicly grilled tobacco company CEOs about their failure to share that fact with the public.

It may be the most consequential, but it is hard to put gross negligence above the actual calls for torture (in the categroy of Most Damning).

Tell that to the Polar Bears...to their faces! ;)

Peak Oil is going to get us much sooner than Global Warming will. Fortunately, the solutions are practically identical.

Eric Martin is the most illin'est B-boy.

The Harold Meyerson article that Neil linked above is really good. I had forgotten that stuff from the 80s -- and yet Waxman was still one of my favorite committee chairs.

This is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Eric Martin is the most illin'est B-boy

One of my favorite records of all time. Couldn't be made today* due to the tightening of the sample clearing biz model/rules and other assorted intellectual property niceties.

(*Or at least, its production would likely be prohibitively expensive. At the time, record companies didn't view samples as a rev model, and were thus cheaper to clear. Also, record companies weren't as scared to record even where samples weren't cleared because of the lack of push back. I have read reports that the B-Boys paid $250K to clear samples for Paul's but that they admit that they didn't clear them all. The hope is that enough time has elapsed to sour the potential claims against them based on this.)

or with one in which resources and other necessities are made so scarce as to incite armed conflicts in competition for same

This is different from the world right now how?

or with one in which resources and other necessities are made so scarce as to incite many more and more severe armed conflicts in competition for same

Does that do the trick?

Just tweaking ya'.

You were right though.

"The willingness to address the global warming crisis could be the single most important change ushered in by the Obama administration "

Completely agree with this assessment. Climate change effects are already snowballing [sorry] in the States--especially the West--and that the Governator is among our highest profile advocates for doing something to address it tells us how behind the curve we are as a nation.

I believe the pushback will come more from big coal than from big oil, as they have far more to lose from carbon reduction schemes in the long haul.

Speaking as someone with a serious legislative crush on Mr. Waxman, it kinda disturbs me to hear he won't be chair of Oversight and Government Reform any more. I'm having trouble getting excited about the successors I've seen proposed. But I'll confess a lot of that is undoubtedly simply my "they simply can't be as good as Henry" mindset.

...with Waxman, a 69-year-old Californian anxious to ease global warming, a top concern of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.

Simply a prediction, as a systems analyst: in less than eight years, the Obama administration will have to choose between fighting global warming and keeping the lights on. US consumers will not practice sufficient conservation, and nothing will be able to replace coal-fired generation on a scale sufficient to make a meaningful dent in CO2 emissions.

Let's hope I'm being alarmist.

No worries. Hansen will come up with something to justify your alarmism…

Although it must be getting tougher… Getting busted for bad algorithms (a couple of times), bad data, making great proclamations to the world about how bad October was based on September data, etc. etc…

Still, he’s not one to be constrained by having amateurs catch his mistakes so often. I have faith in his creativity. Now that he won’t be silenced by the administration anymore he can really go wild. Hell, Obama will probably make him Environmental Czar! /snark

(Note: I have respect for climate scientists in general. I just have none for Hansen. And everyone makes mistakes. But when all your mistakes lean in one direction, then at best you are just looking too hard to see what you expect to see.)

(Yeah I know… I’m a heretic. Go ahead with the virtual burning at the stake.)

(sets match to kindling)

You're a braver man than I am, OCSteve.

FWIW, the Climate Audit people freely admit that the earth has been in a warming cycle up until, oh, sometime last year. They're skeptical about the methodology and, therefore, the conclusions that are being drawn from occasionally faulty data.

The WattsUpWithThat site is worth a read, IMO, if you detest McIntyre too much to bother with Climate Audit.

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