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April 07, 2007


I think Stalin thought of Demented Peep Art first.

There's an art form waiting to be born: socialist realist peep diorama.

And if you don't feel like watching Hilary Swank cash in on Pesach, you can always see Peeps for Passover.

The 10 Plagues portrayed by Peeps.

"Reservoir Peeps."

Now I can die happy.

The Great White Hope of the convervative movement, Fred Thompson, joins Bizarro World - penning a tract up to the usual high standards.

Plague 2: best. peep tableau. ever.

Socialist realism peep art! The first image that leaps to mind is a recreation of the 'Official Online Organ of the Glorious Conservative Christian Cultural Revolution' banner at Jesus' General.

True, it would involve a lot of tedious remolding of the peep arms. But we must suffer for art...

I suppose making Peeps into art is the best outcome. God forbid anyone should eat the things.

Yeah, Spartikus, I read that, too.

Thompson hits all the Redstate hot buttons --
he even gives a little backhand jab at Hollywood, which I found rather ungracious on his part.

His opening sentence notes the stock market advanced after the hostage release, which I suppose opens up a whole new vista of enemies for the Redstaters -- the investor class, which ought to take Larry Kudlow by surprise, because HE thought the stock market advanced on HIS say-so, not Hillary Bin Laden's.

Natch, unnamed Democrats are jihadist-enablers and those who think the hostage-taking and release belies a little weakness and division on the Iranians' part are accused of various unAmericanisms.

The smaller the Bush diehard poll numbers become, the more the Republican field seeks their support.

McCain requires no further comment; Guiliani embraces his tough-guy, made-man inner self to get the Redstate families on his side, and Romney kind of wishes Cheney had shot him in the face so he could point to at least one hunting trip on his resume where at least one helpless mammal took a round.

Frankly, I wish they would nominate a Muslim fetus in the primaries. Then the 25% diehard figure would be split in two and they could build two more tents.

Ceci n'est pas une peep

And what of the gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of gummi?

Stop saying "gummi!"

Can I just say, as much as I love having moved back to my hometown this year, my happiness is tempered by the fact that baseball opening weekend has been usurped by three non-stop days of snow? And that I had tickets to all four games? And that my wife and I tried to attend that monstrosity Friday night only to leave after one inning?*

*(On the one hand, I'm glad the game was later cancelled so I can get tickets for another game later in the season. On the other hand, protesting and getting the game called when it's one strike away from being official was a crappy trick by Mike Hargrove. Play should have been suspended and resumed, not cancelled, particularly in a game where our starting catcher was injured.)

Chocolate covered Peeps have become an Easter tradition here.

Easy to make (just melt and temper some good milk chocolate, dip your Peeps, and leave them in the freezer for ten-fifteen minutes), and so delicious.

Stop saying "gummi!"

Amazingly, considering how few movies I've seen, I actually got this reference. I blame TCM.

After the initial "wtf are they talking about?" I was helped out by wikipedia. First time I've ever heard of peeps, other than as popular shorthand for 'people'.

Nell, I was going for The Simpsons -- if they're being shown on TCM, I'm pleasantly surprised. :)

Happy Easter!

Andrew Sullivan, whom I can do without, has a post up regarding one Walter Murphy, a semper fi Marine and university professor, who claims he has been placed on the no-fly list and kept off airplanes because of his anti-Bush opinions and activity.

If true, and I would like to see this claim verified by two more sources, IMPEACH the entire Administration and jail all of them. Place Laura and Barney in shackles.

Then halt ALL government activity until the needed purge is done. Shut it down. It's in the hands of anti-American scum. The Regent University campus in Norfolk can be nationalized and used as a holding pen for these people.

I suggest Bush get the troops home soon because I don't think there are enough National Guardsmen left stateside to protect the White House.

Peeps art is hot, peeps art is cold, peeps art is in the pot...

>>Stop saying "gummi!"

>>Amazingly, considering how few movies I've seen, I actually got this reference. I blame TCM.

I thought this was strictly a Simpsons ref.

For a moment there I didn't catch that AndyK was quoting someone else when he said: "Amazingly, considering how few movies I've seen, I actually got this reference. I blame TCM."

I don't normally hold with divulging stuff about people one knows in real life, but I don't think it crosses any major lines to say: until I realized my mistake, I was absolutely dumbfounded, since AndyK might possibly have seen more movies than any other living mortal.

Well, it's an open thread, but if my 6:50 pm remarks seem out of place, imagine all of the names therein as Peep Art.

Peep Art Impeachment. At least we can eat the guilty afterwards rather than having them stick around like Nixon while the tapes dribbled out.

This is why I should never even try to get pop culture references. I'm a Simpsons fan, but must have missed that episode.

I thought the reference was to the scene in The Longest Day where the Germans are getting reports of dummies floating down on parachutes. They keep saying to each other, "Gummi Puppen?" and being answered with irritation, "Gummi Puppen!"

The Seattle Times ran a similar feature to the WaPo; I agree the Frog Plague is hard to top, but some of them are pretty good...

This is why I should never even try to get pop culture references. I'm a Simpsons fan, but must have missed that episode.


I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Simpsons writers were making an obscure reference to The Longest Day.

>>AndyK might possibly have seen more movies than any other living mortal.

Only if you consider Quentin Tarantino an immortal. And he's nearly fifteen years younger than me.

Ah. The link helped me remember I'd seen the episode, but the gummi line went right by me. "I feel like a kid in some kind of store", on the other hand...

I'm still trying to figure out why the Dateline tableau features The Wickerpeep.

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