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September 18, 2006


For the kids:

">http://www.oebook.com/{65684FC1-F432-4950-80C4-812F557EE022}.htm"> Nordic.Social.Policy.Changing.Welfare.States

Scandinavian Welfare Policy provides new insights into the evolution of welfare state measures by focusing on developments in the Nordic welfare states - Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark - during the past decade. Including chapters from over twenty contributors, this comparative work examines the changed preconditions of welfare policies, analyzes changes in welfare measures, investigates developments in the welfare of the people, and looks at developments in public support for the welfare states. Scandinavian Welfare Policy will provide a new understanding of Northern European welfare and will be of interest to students of social policy, sociology and welfare studies as well as for academics, policy makers and analysts in social policy.

a fistful of euros has an extensive blogpost about Sweden, and debunks the article in the Economist about Sweden.

One thing that has captured media interest here in NZ about the Swedish election is the religious group the Exclusive Brethren being caught (again) bankrolling anonymous advertising and pamphlets. The Brethren did the same thing over here last year (and got caught) promoting the right wing National party anonymously and are currently embroiled in allegations involving a whispering campaign against our Prime Minister's husband. The Brethren were also caught out doing the same thing in Australia, targetting the Green Party in Tasmania if I recall correctly.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The conservative party - tellingly labelling themselves as the new moderates - did the right (pun not intended) thing this year and revamped themselves as a social democratic party. So basically we have seven social democratic parties - four of them virtually indistinguishable, one slightly trotskyist, one faith-based, and one green. Did I mentioned that Swedish politics is incredibly boring? Anyway, we took a long hard look at the old Fat One - that'll be former PM Göran Persson - and decided that ten years were enough and voted in the young Fat One, Fredrik Reinfeldt. If history repeats itself, or rhymes, he lasts one term, then we have 8-12 years again with the real social democrats. Oh well.

I, myself, see a conspiracy. The conservatives are obviously attacking us thru our weak Swedish underbelly.

A lot of young swedes come here across the border to seek employment as unskilled laborers, generally seasonal. There's a lot more of it here, and it's better paid.

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