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August 02, 2006


And I thought that the Death Of Irony was Henry Kissinger getting the Nobel Peace Prize!

I'm.... "exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a duty of great responsibility"... well, the Bush administration is honest, not hypocritical.

"Decent shame" has meaning.

(BTW, can you possibly put the pics below the fold?)

couldn't they have just given him a medal of freedom? at least that honour has already been debased.

A few bad apples, some with medals.

This is the price for our liberty and freedom.

Can't you that!?


Hopefully this won't have the same effect as Kissinger's prize did (causing Tom Lehrer to retire, claiming satire was now impossible). It would be a shame if Jon Stewart felt the same in response to this news.

Distinguished Service Medal Leashes: the new Purple Heart Band Aids. So which party is sapping the morale of the troops again?

I put the pictures below the fold.

Wow, thanks for ruining my morning with that news, Hilzoy!

Haven't given up hoping to see Miller behind bars one day ....

At least I got to quote Montesquieu, which I always love to do.

Perhaps the medal should come with a free trip to The Hague?

One way.

Dantheman, well it certainly won't cause Stephen Colbert to retire. Now there is a great interview...Geoffrey Miller & Colbert...BOO HAR...oh the pain, oh the pain..

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