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June 14, 2004


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A federal court won't even have to reach to the equal protection provisions of the Bill of Rights, as the VA law's provisions on contracts appear to be a direct violation of the US Constitution on impairment of contracts.

It is a unfortunate someone will have to fight VA on this issue, but 'bring it on'.

This is really shameful. Can't they read the Constitution?

What did they think they were gaining for marriage by this stupid provision?

Maybe it is really time for civil unions for all parties - no marriage recognized by the state. Make marriage an optional religious-only affair for couples after their civil union.

Let the churches decide which civil unions each sect wants to recognize.

And get the churches out of the business of determining who can make civil union contracts.

Ya know, I just met (videologically) Mr. Rausch on cspan at a panel at the AEI on gay marriage.


Impressed the hell out of me.

What did they think they were gaining for marriage by this stupid provision?

Nothing. This is about pandering to fundamentalists, expressing and fanning hatred of lesbians and gay men, and poking a stick in the eye of the Democratic governor.

I will stay active in the Democratic Party of Virginia as long as it takes to see every Democratic legislator who voted for this Jim Crow law gone. Starting with Lionel Spruell, who should know better.

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